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E.B. Tylor, 1974

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Safety Program Design & Development

There is an HSE Aspect to every company; from the newly started home-based inventor with one worker to the well-established International oil & gas giant, including all points in between. We can assist your company in designing & developing a healthy and compliant, self-sustaining Safety Culture that meets the specific needs of your business.

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Incident Investigations & Root Cause Analysis

Culture Concepts combines years of experience and training in multiple types of Incident Investigation techniques to provide you with a root cause to incidents of all levels of severity occurring in your business. We will then provide you with suggested corrective actions to prevent recurrence, as well as assisting your company with implementing and tracking these corrective actions to closure.

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Drafting & Implemeting a Compliant Safety Manual

A Safety Manual explicitly describes how your company is going to protect your workers from harm and in turn, provide a safe work environment. Culture concepts can help by drafting a compliant Safety & Health Manual specific to the hazards your workers are presented with while performing their designated roles & responsibilities. We can also assess your current Safety Manual for gaps and provide solutions to help close those gaps in a timely manner.

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Medic First-Aid, CPR, AED Approved Training Provider

Looking to refine your Company’s Medical Emergency Response capabilities? Medic First-Aid, CPR, AED can be taught at your facility allowing your workers to be prepared to respond should a medical emergency occur. This training is also a skill that your workers can take home to be included as part of their family’s Emergency Response Plan.

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What is Culture Concepts?Culture Concepts is a Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) Consulting Company that offers customized solutions to companies of all genres, helping said company reach the HSE Goals of their business. Through a systematic approach, Culture Concepts is able to help pinpoint problem areas in our client company’s current workplace Safety Program and assist our clients in developing targeted solutions to any identified challenges.

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