Cornerstones for a Healthy Safety Culture





Mission Statement

By implementing Culture Concepts’ Cornerstones while meeting the specific needs of our customers, a Compliant and Healthy Safety Culture will be established, developed, maintained and lived.

Meet the Team

Our Team of HSE Professionals are happy to assist your Company in meeting all of your Health, Safety or Environmental Goals…

Wesley Sutterfield

Owner / Safety Management Specialist

With over 13 years of Industrial Safety experience, training and expertise…Wes has decided to offer this knowledge to businesses that require assistance in meeting the Health, Safety & Environmental Goals of their Company.

The Employee is the heartbeat of the Safety Culture of any business…and the heartbeat of the Employee is the expectations of the Company Leadership. With a healthy and open line of communication between the two…and an ownership of ones workspace and responsibilities, a healthy Safety Culture is born. Buy-in, integrity, knowledge and respect allow the Culture to grow and flourish…”

Wes Sutterfield, 2017

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