Creating A Safety Culture In The Workplace

What is a Safety Culture in the workplace? A Safety Culture is what ensures that everyone is equally concerned with and knowledgeable of the hazards associated with their respective job duties, that all employees understand and implement how to plan their job to prevent these hazards from resulting in incidents of any level of severity, that all workers understand and believe in what the Company expectations are regarding managing those hazards, that all personnel understand and embrace what the law requires to be in place to help reduce or hopefully eliminate those risks, all resulting in a healthy concern for each other reducing incidents or injuries in the workplace… This is no overnight occurrence. It takes time, hard work on all parts, solid and firm guidance, consequences to be implemented and a focus that is a learned behavior that supplements naturally caring for each other (among other things). The Safety Culture can be Healthy and high performing but is an Evergreen subject that should develop a life of its own when successfully implemented. It has to start with one person’s dedication to the Goal and the determination to improve the quality of life around them. This behavior and drive can be infectious and spread aggressively…just as a negative behavior can be detrimental to the growth of the whole. When the Culture is driven by genuine concern for each other, the ownership of your workspace, the integrity to never look the other way, the respect for each other and their livelihood, plus the knowledge of the laws, standards, tools and techniques available to prevent incidents or injuries… a healthy and sustainable safety culture can thrive.

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